Fall and it’s transition…

Within Fall and its great transition,
Leaves fall full of ending ambition,
From Summer into Fall,
Into winter so they call.

But what of the whirling wind?
It’s rush through the bitter trees,
It’s bite on the crooked limb, 
It’s push on the cloud with ease!

The grass as it blows,
The pumpkin as it grows,
The bread as it bakes,
The leaf as it shakes,
The hot-cider as it slowly simmers,
The sunsets as they glow dimmer…

These and more, scream of Fall,
And when it’s cold,
By the fire we’ll sprawl,
Then the transition from Fall to cold,
will fully be manifest, and unfold.

By:  JLH


Published by Jordan Huep

Follower of Christ! Homeschooled. I love; JESUS, art, colors, outdoors, sports, poems, writing, beauty of speech and soul, photography.

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